Use of vehicle

During the use of the vehicle, the client (Lessee) is obliged to treat the rented vehicle with care, to properly maintain the vehicle as prescribed by the authorized repairer and to immediately inform the representatives of "MS rent a car" Belgrade in case of any problems. Bulevar Peka Dapčevića 59, MB: 21572128, PIB: 111925291 (Lessor). The minimum time of vehicle use is 3 days (72 hours). The permitted overtime is 60 minutes, after which an additional day's rent is calculated at the agreed price.

Unlimited mileage

Unlimited mileage is included in the rental price, only with the prior approval of MS rent a car doo.

Deposit and payment

The deposit is mandatory for a certain category of vehicle, exclusively in agreement with the company MS rent a car doo. Deposit, as well as payment
rent, can be paid in cash, by payment to the account (legal entities) or by card payment at the POS terminal. All payments are made in dinars at the middle euro exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia. Tax (VAT) for the vehicle rental service is included in the rental price, except for legal entities.

Collection and return of the vehicle

The vehicle can be delivered and returned at our office, and it is also possible to deliver or return the vehicle outside the office, at your home address, or at a selected location. There is no additional charge for this service in the territory of Belgrade, depending on the distance of the desired delivery place. The vehicle can be picked up and returned outside of the standard hours, at no extra charge. One-way rental in Serbia is possible with an agreement and is charged additionally. One-way international rental is possible with an additional charge depending on the distance. When picking up and returning the vehicle, it is mandatory to sign the form on the condition of the vehicle, and we advise you to thoroughly inspect the vehicle together with our representative. The vehicle must be returned in good visual condition inside and out, otherwise the cost of washing the vehicle will be charged according to the standard price list.

Conditions that the Driver must meet

A minimum of 23 years of age with a minimum of 2 years of possession of a driver's license (driver's license is mandatory for inspection). Mandatory identification - ID card or passport for inspection by a representative of the agency. The stated conditions also apply to the other driver. The price of renting a vehicle includes insurance against liability for damage to third parties up to the amount determined by the compulsory insurance policy. It is not possible to rent a vehicle with a trial license.

Insurance for damage to the rented vehicle

The redemption of liability for damage to the rented vehicle is included in the published rental price shown on the website or in the contract. The insurance is only valid with a mandatory police report. The insurance company pays the damage in accordance with the conditions of comprehensive insurance - the insurance will not pay the damage in the event that the driver was driving the rented vehicle under the influence of alcohol (over 0,2 per thousand) or narcotics, if the damage is caused by running a red light, if the damage is caused under the conditions violent driving as well as gross conscious or unconscious violation of traffic regulations. No insurance covers damages caused to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, broken and/or lost keys, damages caused by filling the wrong type of fuel, and damages caused knowingly, carelessly or negligently by the Lessee. All listed damages will be charged in full when the vehicle is returned from the Lessee.

Insurance against theft of the rented vehicle

Liability buy-out in case of theft of the rented vehicle is included in the published rental price. Insurance is valid only with mandatory registration
theft to the police and on the condition that the Lessee has kept with him the documents and the key of the vehicle that he is obliged to hand over to the Lessor.
Casco insurance is not valid if the vehicle was unlocked during the theft or the key was left in the steering wheel lock. Also, the client is
obliged to deliver the document and vehicle keys to the Lessor in the event of theft.

A police record is mandatory for all types of insurance!

Without a police report, the full amount of damage and/or theft will be charged from the client, regardless of the type of insurance purchased (since such
damages cannot be collected from comprehensive insurance). The report must be made even in cases where the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (eg the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unknown person). For any damage to the vehicle, it is necessary to immediately inform the representative of MS rent a car Belgrade, who will give further instructions and guidelines. The MS rent a car agency applies the official terms and conditions of the comprehensive insurance of the company with which the insurance contract was concluded.

Procedure in case of accident, damage and vehicle theft

The client is obliged to act as follows: to inform the police and the representative of MS rent a car about the event and to act according to their
instructions; to record information about other participants in the accident, that is, the event; to fill out an accident or damage report when returning the vehicle to the termination agency; to write a short statement describing the causes and circumstances in which the accident or damage occurred; to obtain a police report on the accident or damage.

Other provisions

Crossing the border is allowed only with the Lessor's permission - every vehicle has a green card. Fuel is not included in the price -
used fuel is paid by the Lessee. All traffic violations committed by the Lessee during the rental of the vehicle are the responsibility of the Lessee.


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