Long-term car rental

Long-term vehicle rental is intended for individuals or legal entities, who need to rent a vehicle for a longer period of time, thereby achieving significant savings and a more favorable financial arrangement. Unlike other financing methods, with the monthly rental service you are not bound by a contractual obligation to any of the financial institutions, your balance is not burdened and you have predictable and fixed monthly expenses.

If your business is seasonal, with a monthly vehicle rental you can optimize your costs according to the periods you plan.

Our service includes all elements of vehicle care, including registration, vehicle insurance, maintenance, replacement vehicle, tire replacement and storage, mobile warranty, claims management, which ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for you and your company's employees. All vehicles in our fleet are new with an average age of one year, which is an additional guarantee of safety.


Whether we are talking about vehicles in long-term or short-term rental, regular maintenance is our duty. Use your time and let us take care of your fleet.


Vehicle registration and technical inspection extension are always part of our offer for all types of rentals.

Vehicle insurance

Vehicle coverage and conditions are individually formed for each user, depending on individual wishes, needs and possibilities.

Replacement vehicle

Whether it's regular maintenance, tire replacement, registration or longer repairs, we always provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Replacement and storage of tires

Seasonal care, cost of purchase, replacement and storage of tires are our responsibility. In addition to taking care of your safety, we will notify you in time and arrange appointments in advance in accordance with your obligations.


You don't have to worry about rules and regulations, our sales advisors are always at your disposal.

Claims Management

Whichever insurance package you choose, we will make sure that your vehicle is always in perfect condition. We always coordinate the inspection of the vehicle's condition and the arrangement of possible repairs with your obligations and free time.

Assistance on the road

Our fleet of vehicles undergoes regular checks and services, which guarantees you safety and assistance in every part of Serbia or Europe. We always provide you with a replacement vehicle - in case of mechanical failure, repairs due to damage and other unforeseen situations.

Spending control

Regardless of recurring costs, your monthly bills are always the same. Our vehicle rental offer for the agreed period includes: vehicle costs, regular maintenance, comprehensive insurance depending on the desired and agreed conditions, damage management, seasonal tire replacement, replacement vehicle in case of regular maintenance, breakdown or damage, tax on passenger motor vehicles, registration costs and extension of the technical review.


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